Saturday, August 10, 2019

Thanks for your Shamrock Criterium Support

Promoting a local race does has a lot risk, and if the weather is bad or people do not show up the promoter runs the risk of loosing the money that was invested in permits and other expenses. Our small team comes together every year and promotes one race, Shamrock Crit (with the help of Dan of course, in case you were wondering how the results have been posted so quickly in recent years). The cycling community is really to thank for such a good consistent turn out that helps alleviate the inevitable financial stress. We also could not do what we do without the support of our sponsors, Mermaid Winery, Virginia Asset Group, and East Coast Bikes. Since the Shamrock Crit was months ago, you might wonder why we are bringing it up...

Every once in a while we we end up in the black and when that happens we like to pay it forward. This year we were able to buy 4 bikes for Nicaraguan youth. Nicaragua has been hit with particularly hard times recently including political unrest. While the violence has settled down in the past year people are still feeling the effects in their fragile local economies. Nicaragua does not offer transportation to and from school, the bikes will be used to help kids get to school. Three of the bikes went to girls will be travelling to high school in the next town over in the upcoming school year. The bikes will save them hours every day on their commute. We hope the bikes will help empower them to continue their education and allow them to dream of a future they are excited about.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

10 Years of Support

Coastal Virginia's Oldest 
Women's Elite and Developmental Cycling Team

 Fun fact, this is the 10th year our team has been racing, developing female talent, and promoting races. Our goal from the beginning was to both develop local and regional entry-level talent as well as fill the gap for women who have pro aspirations but need a bit more support and experience before they are ready to join a pro team. Our roster has seen so much talent and we are privileged to be even a small part of the success of our riders in the past 10 years. 

When we started there were no other elite women's teams locally and few others regionally. Some years we are big and some years we are small. Our team has seen some really strong elite squads come through (we were invited to the Philly Cycling Classic one year), we have seen some really impressive fast-learning developmental team riders move up the ranks, and never get tired of supporting juniors and the energy they bring as the future of our sport. Every year is different & we try to meet the needs of the riders in Virginia. 

We are so happy to see how the efforts of a great many people locally, regionally, and nationally have helped to grow the sport for women in the last ten years- great strides have been made. Make no mistake, we know that we are a very small part of those strides, but we are still proud of the role we have played. 

We know we are nothing without the support of our sponsors, so big thanks to the businesses who have proven to be dedicated to our team and women’s cycling. Virginia Asset Group and Mermaid Winery, both long-time sponsors, are b
usinesses who see the value in what we do as a team and in our community. We feel very lucky to have had such unwavering support for so many years from our sponsors. They believe in us and we also value their impact on the community, they are leaders in their fields. 

Support the businesses that invest in women's cycling! Please consider eating and drinking at Mermaid Winery, investing with Virginia Asset Group, and getting your bike gear and service from East Coast Bicycles.

Special thanks also go out to the local racing legends Bill Collins and Dan Netzer who have helped our small team throughout the years by supporting us as a sister team and giving countless other help. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Avanell wins her age group at the CX National Championships!!

The best news of 2017 so far? Avanell wins the 30 - 35 Women's Age-grade National Championship Cyclocross Race. 

Here are the best pictures I found highlighting her big win! 
Thanks to and VA Gazette for the great images. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Racing at Nationals

by Samantha McKinnon 
The pinnacle of most cyclists’ seasons, regardless of discipline, are the national championships. These national events entertain athletes of all levels over the course of several days. Oftentimes, the location for these events change yearly, or every two years, presenting completely different courses that suit different abilities. For all cycling disciplines except for road, there are races for all categories at the events: from the 9-10 year olds, to the pro field. For road cycling nationals, however, they break up the categories into three separate nationals: professional, masters, and amateur. 

As of now, I have attended 5 cycling national championships (4 road and 1 cyclocross), and will be attending my 6th nationals this winter. From a young age, I always made an effort to get to these events, as it was the only place where I would have a large quantity of competition. Since I grew up going to these events and have centered my seasons around them for years, I always thought that it was odd when people either didn’t know that the national championships existed, or voiced that they were frightened to compete there. However, I can see where they are coming from. If you approach the national championships solely hoping to earn a spot on the podium or come out on top, then this would be an extremely nerve wracking time. If you have never been to a cycling national championship, then you may think that this is all there is to it: race your bike and try to win the stars and stripes. But what actually goes on is quite different. These races are often accompanied by amazing vendors, sometimes comedic commentary, and if you know people who are also attending, then it becomes a fun time to see friends who you would not normally see. Of course, you also compete in some of the toughest races of the year, but that is overshadowed by the fantastic courses and relaxed atmosphere. Also, the courses are often what you could call “spectators’ courses,” which is great for watching the races, hanging out with friends, or meeting new people. 
I strongly feel that all cyclists should attend national championships. There is no other place where you can compete against as big or as strong of a field, see as many people, or have as good of a time. You are also able to learn so much and can come out of the races as a totally different and more tactical rider, which makes the whole experience priceless. And who knows! If you do well, you may catch the eye of USA cycling or some sponsors! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cross is Coming!

Also referred to as "Cross" & "CX"...
Avanell on the barrier
Avanell pushing hard
If you are looking for some fall bike racing check out the Virginia Cycling Association's cyclocross calendar. Cycloscross is a circuit race that takes place on varied terrain and includes some obstacles, read more about this type of racing here. You can use a cross bike or a mountain bike to participate. If you are not ready to race, check one of the races out, they are also a lot of fun to watch. Look for the Mermaid team out there if you do go, we have a few really great CX athletes. 

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