Meet the Tradewinds Racing Developmental Team:
Category 3 and 4 riders who are working towards improved skills, strategies, and upgrades with fun and success along the way.

Laney Butt, category 4 road 


3rd - 2016 Milligan Classic Time Trial
3rd - 2016 Turkey Run Cross Sunday, Women Cat 4
3rd - 2016 Out of Bounds Cross, Junior Women 15-18
4th - 2016 Bennett’s Creek Cross, Women 3-4
1st - 2015 Todd Stadium Crit Junior Women 15-16
1st - 2015 Wintergreen Ascent Junior Women 15-16
1st - 2015 Junior Women 15-16 VA BAR
1st - 2015 Junior Women 15-16 VA Omnium

Samantha McKinnon, category 4 road

My name is Samantha McKinnon, and I’m a junior cyclist living in Stafford, Virginia. With my dad starting a youth triathlon team in my community, I was introduced to sport at an early age. After years of racing bikes to prepare for racing triathlons, I realized that the bike was definitely my favorite of the three disciplines, and I chose to pursue that more specifically.

CachedImage_2736_1824_POS4.jpgThroughout my cycling “career,” I have had the honor of traveling to nationals four times, with my favorite venue being Lake Tahoe. It was there that I earned my highest placing at a cycling nationals: 8th place in my favorite event, the time trial. Time trials and other “power courses” are definitely my specialty; however, I also enjoy the teamwork component of road racing.

Career Highlights:
2nd- 2016 Peter Teeuwen Memorial Time Trial, Women Cat 4
1st - 2016 Conquer the Canal Time Trial, Women Cat 4
4th - 2016 Shamrock Crit, Women Cat 4
1st - 2015 Tour de FCCC, Junior 13-14
8th - 2015 USAC Junior Nationals Time Trial, Junior Women 13-14
2nd - 2015 Miller School Road Race, Junior Women 13-14
4th - 2016 VA BAR for Women Cat 4
1st - 2014 VA BAR winner for Junior Women 13-14
4 years racing USAC Junior Nationals Championships
2 years VA Omnium winner for Junior Women 13-14 

Dixie House, category 4 road

13567457_1615692225425496_4710787790147873828_n.jpgI am 27 years old and grew up in Richmond, VA. I started running track and cross country in High School. When I went to Old Dominion University, I began Collegiate sailing and continued to run. I began cycling in 2013 and shortly met my, now, husband Brandon. He introduced me to Crit’s in 2014 as he began racing. My first road race in 2016 was a cold hilly race in Williamsburg which got me hooked on road racing. I can occasionally be found competing in triathlon or with our two dogs.

Career Highlights:
1st place -2016  Shenandoah Speedway Crit - Women’s Cat 4
3rd place - 2016 PLT TT - Women’s Cat 4
3rd place - 2016 Blood Sweat Bacon TT- Women’s Cat 4
3rd place - 2016 RIR - Women’s Cat 4

2016 Ominum Winner - Women’s Cat 4 

Marion Palmieri, category 3 road

I was born and raised in Germany where I started my athletic “career” as a horseback rider and track runner in high school. Later on, I competed in triathlons, but decided that it was too time consuming. In college I picked up mountain biking and running again. My first competitive cycling experience was with the University of Texas at Austin Cycling Team. Ever since I was hooked on racing crits, but I also like road races with some hills (just can’t beat the view ;-)). When I'm not on my bike I like traveling to Germany and hanging out with my two sons, my husband and my super sweet dog.

Career Highlights:

1st place Todd Stadium Crit 2015, Cat 1,2,3

1st place William&Mary Road Race 2015, Cat 3/4
1st place Richmond Road Race 2015, Cat 3/4
2014 Virginia Best All-round (BAR) Winner Cat 4
2015 Virginia Best All Around (BAR) Winner Cat 3
2015 Virginia Omnium Champion Cat 3
1st place Page Valley Road Race 2014, Cat 4
1st place Bryan Park Criterium 2014, Cat 4
1st place Meadows Farm Circuit Race 2014, Cat 4


Mary Still, category 4 road

After completing my collegiate track and field career I didn’t have a clear idea of what to do next as there aren’t many recreational sprint and hurdle races. In 2011, I was introduced to road cycling as an alternative to running and quickly developed a love for the sport. Although I started racing in 2012, 2016 was my first full season;
I have a definite preference for criteriums and road races.

2nd place 2016 RIR Crit,  Cat 4
2nd place 2016 Crit at Oyster Point, Cat 4
3rd place 2016 Chesapeake Crit and VA Senior Crit, Cat 4 

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