Monday, February 15, 2010

Wolfpack Race Report

Three of us made the trip south for the Wolfpack Cycling Classic this past weekend, after a lot of discussion about the weather we decided to go Friday as planned. The snow ended up cancelling the Saturday race but we enjoyed the time eating waffles, spinning inside, riding the Sunday course, window shopping in Chapel Hill, and watching the Olympics. It was fun getting to know my teammates better and planning for Sunday's race.

Sunday was Kim's very first road race and every one's first race of the season. After several flat tires before the start of the race, a broken helmet, and a broken trainer we lined up at the start and were impressed by the large number of college racers. The roads were full of pot-holes, so more excitement and more flats (none on our bikes). The attacks began immediately after the roll out and continued until the inevitable break made. I tried to get in on the action but quickly discovered that it is not July, and I need to race a bit more conservatively in February. More excitement at the start of the last lap with a wreck that took up most of the two-lane road. I was very thankful to get around it (and more thankful that my team was all still rolling, too). I was not able to get into the post-wreck break and so worked with Kim (teammate) and Katie (RCWR) for the last lap. Kim, in her first race ever, was a huge help to keep me fresh enough to make it up the last hill with a gap on our small group that I held through the finish line for 5th place in the women's open. What better motivation to keep on the trainer and to get out in the cold than an early season race? Looking forward to a great season and an awesome team!

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