Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tips for Avoiding Tan Lines

Now that it is warm and sunny, cycling tan lines are becoming an issue. Contrary to many beliefs these tan lines are not cool or attractive. Maybe it is because we live at the beach and spend much time on the beach in swimsuits. Whatever the reason we seem to care more than most cyclist about not looking like two-toned tourist. Here are some tips to help you out as you are training for your next big race:

1. On not as long rides when you don't need pockets and riding by yourself girls can feel free to ride in sports bras. Guys you can wear no shirt at all. (Think ladies man Mario Cippo) It feels good riding this way as well.

2. On longer rides when wearing a jersey, roll the sleeves up and then down.

3. Use different length shorts on your rides. You can roll up your shorts. Girls can cut the elastic off the bottom and hem them. They can then become much shorter. Doing this can help avoid a distinct tan line and you can have more of a fade from tan to pale.

4. On rest days surf, or spend some quality recovery time out by the pool or the beach.

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