Monday, May 24, 2010

Wilmington, Bike Jam, & Sleepy Hole

Wilmington was a crazy course, coming from flat VB I particularly liked the turns at the bottom of the short steep hills, especially the one with the construction fence and narrow road... ok not so much. This race definently favored the experienced (and the less cautious) riders. It turned out to be a race of attrition, starting with about 70 riders and ending with about 30. I was among the 40 category 1,2 riders to get dropped along the way. I did enjoy the end of the race from the sidelines, with the drama of a 5 preson break (and mechanical issues) adding to the drama.

Bike Jam, we got luck and had dry roads. About 50 riders lined up to start the race. Van Guilder was present, but many of the other big names from Wilmington were absent. Riders from Vanderkitten, Verducci, and Fruit 66 kept the pressure on but no one was able to get away. I was happy to escape two wrecks unscathed, at one point crossing between a fallen rider and her runaway wheel. In the end it was a fight for position and a sprint from the s turn that decided the order. I did not end up with a good position coming into the sprint and finished 16th place.

Sleepyhole Smackdown, Ava was present for the category 4 women's race Sunday, which ended up being a nice day for a race. The women stayed together for another sprint finish. TWR's Ava surprised the field with an early jump. She had a great jump and was in the lead before being passed by 3 riders at the line. 4th place for Ava, nice job!


  1. Jumped about 150 meters earlier than I expected too. I saw Brittany come up on my left side and expected her to make the first move so for half a second I thought she was going. After I realized she wasn't going, I got pinched to the outside of the pace line and decided I didn't want to react to anybody. So, I went. Sharon, Brittany, and Amanda reacted quick enough to catch me after the last turn and I ended up with 4th. But better to go early and add a little excitement than to never go! Can't wait for the next race!

    P.S. I'm an Auntie again! My sister had her 2nd baby (1st girl). May 25th at 5:28pm. 7lbs, 2.7oz, 19.5 inches. Yay!

  2. wow, Avanell, you went super early! Nice job on 4th. You changed the whole race with that move, very bold!


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