Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amphib and Langley, women's races

It was a good weekend for TWR. Two local races, and two local wins. Plus a killer performance in the Langley women's category 4 race by Ava with 2nd place (looking forward to her full report). Thanks to BJ Samuel (and family) for some nice pictures.

Amphibious Assault Crit
Saturday, our race was a combined women's field at 8 AM and it was already super hot. The first attack early on was from local legend BJ Samuel (VBVK), who put her camera down for long enough to show the young riders how it is done. She raced aggressively and got herself in a break that stayed away. Also in the break was Leslie Winters, an experienced cat 1 racer who we hope to see more regularly at races! Bridging up, with a little extra motivation from a prime, was VBVK Ali Ingram and me (Emily). In the end I jumped first for the sprint and was able to stay in front to the line. Ali was 2nd, Leslie 3rd, and BJ 4th.

Langley Criterium
A low turnout in the 1,2,3 race and a hot day led to a pretty uneventful race. BJ (VBVK), Jen Pope (FF) and I got away and lapped the other riders. Then, after all my water was gone, Jen and I got away and lapped the other riders. Unfortunently the big excitement was the timing, because we lapped the riders on the bell lap it was a confusing finish for the rest of the field because they expected another lap but they were on their bell lap at that point, too. I won the sprint.

Looking forward to continuing the winning streak at Clarendon/Crystal next weekend... um, positive thinking, right?

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  1. I'm slow when it comes to the blogging report got added to the team page. Emily could you copy and paste it to your's? I couldn't figure out how to do it!


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