Monday, July 12, 2010

Bryan Park and burritos

Bryan Park in Richmond, the race Sunday was filled with Burrito Primes from Chipolte... so it was a good day! Although we did not have a huge number of riders show up everyone was ready to race fast and the pace was pushed by Julie K (Fruit 66) straight from the start. In the middle of the race Ali (Vanderkitten) launched one of her monster attackes, well timed and well executed, but the break was not to be. The race stayed together until the end. On the last lap on the back of the course the FF riders made everyone chase and scramble for positions. I was on Julie K's wheel into the last corner when everyone jumped for the uphill sprint. It was a hard faught battle all the way to the line with Julie taking the win, Ali getting 2nd and myself with 3rd.

The women in category 4 raced with us but were scored sepperately. We had one cat 4 in the race, Tiffany Russell. In the 4 race Amanda (Hilton) took the sprint with a very strong push up the hill, Brittany (FF) came in 2nd, and TWR's Tiffany came in 3rd.

Next on the calendar? We will be at ODU on August 1st! Note to promotors: we will sprint for burritos!

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