Sunday, August 22, 2010

season ending race

Tradewinds Racing travelled to Stony Creek for the Virginia State Time Trial Championship and feasted on delicious taste of victory (literally, part of the prize was meat from Fiorucci).

The time trial was a flat and fast 40 k. Emily won 1st place for the elite 1,2 category with a PR of almost 3 minutes faster than her previous PR. The win also makes Emily the Virginia State Omnium Champion for category 1,2 women, and the Virginia State BAR (Best All Around Rider) champion for cateogry 1,2 women. Tiffany was ready to contend for the Cat. 4 race but had an unfortunate flat not to far into the race.

It was a long season and we are looking forward to some time off the bike, resting the legs and maybe some waves (come on Danielle).


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  2. Congrats to Emily! And thank you to the farmer that picked me and my poor bike up on the side of the road and gave me a lift back to the start line. Luckily we only had to go a 1/2 mi.


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