Monday, March 21, 2011

Results, RIR Crit

Race Report by Julie K
This weekend the elite and developmental squad lined up for the Richmond International raceway crit in Richmond, VA. The course was flat and fast, and with no corners it was not easy for a breakaway to stick. Several attacks were initiated by both the VB Vanderkitten squad and VA Asset Group p/b Artemis/Trek. While a break was up the road, Erica (VA Asset Group) managed to scoop up two primes.

With ten laps to go it looked as though nothing was going to stick. Ali of VK made a good dig with Leslie (VA Asset Group) glued to her wheel. When it seemed like a break that might work, one additional rider, Lindsay (PVC), managed to bridge up and the three worked together
while VBVK and Erica & Erin of VA Asset Group controlled the field. The break stuck.

With three laps to go Erin gave me a wicked lead out to pick up a $75 prime. Knowing that the
break would stick Erin pulled hard in the last lap to ensure that no one came around me. Leslie worked really hard in the break and finished strong with third. Erin helped me to pick up the field sprint for fourth.

Bottom two photos from DBG's Photos

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