Sunday, April 17, 2011

Roanoke Twilight Report

Roanoke Twilight Women's Open

Erin pulling hard, pictures from Traveler
The fun course and good prize purse helped to make this race appeal to elite women throughout the region. The high level of competition was one of the main reasons our team was looking forward to this race, and we were not disappointed. Women traveled from throughout VA as well as NC, SC, and Ohio. 

The women's race started straight out of the line, with strong riders  in the front stringing out the pack and riders who were not able to stay with the acceleration off the back in the first lap. 

strung out, picture from Traveler
The pace remained fast with riders attacking constantly until Sara Tussey (Hincapie) was able to get a small gap on the field, the gap got bigger immediately when another rider lost control in corner causing the chase group to slow up. Sara remained in sight for most of the race with riders chasing hard, but not really working together in their efforts. The gap grew, until with about 10 laps to go she had 20 seconds on the chase group, which ended up being 6 riders: Erin S., Julie K., and Emily J. (VA Asset Group p/b Artemis/Trek), and Mary C (Traveler), Jen P (VBVK), & Jane W (Secret). Julie and Erin set the pace and each of us got a prime before the final lap.

With a lap and a half to go Erin attacked and was caught, then held the pace for the last lap. Even with the strong headwind the sprint started right at the final corner. Overall, it was Sara for the solo win, Jane W took the sprint for 2nd place and Emily J got 3rd, Julie K placed 5th &Erin S took 6th. It was a strong and aggressive field, thanks to the great job the race promoters did putting on a race that would draw elite riders to Roanoke. Hope to see this race on the calendar next year! Special thanks to Mary from Traveler who was honest and honorable with the prime mix-up!

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