Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday Reports: Ashboro Crit and Canal TT

How many bike races can a team do in one weekend? 
Our team was racing at five separate races this weekend, in three different states, some on road and some on mountain bikes. Here is the report from the races on Saturday...

Ashboro Criterium in North Carolina, a new race on the calendar this year. The course had 4 corners on wide, mostly smooth, roads in the downtown area with one hill on the back side. The hill was not so big that a break was inevitable, but since ex-pro (and sprinter) Rebecca Larson was present, a break was certainly a goal for riders. The attempts to get away were pretty much non-stop until Sara Tussey (Hincapie) launched off solo. The rest of the women seemed pretty unmotivated to work together, and Sara got a lap on the field pretty quickly. No more serious attacks were made and the group got ready to sprint. With one lap to go several riders went to the front and tried to string it out before the final corner. Emily (VA Asset Group p/b Artemis/Trek) and Rebecca (Athens Velo) came around the final corner side-by-side and Emily jumped first. The sprint was pretty long but positions were held to the line and Emily got the sprint for 2nd overall. Rebecca got 3rd overall, & it was Sara with the solo win. 

Canal Time Trial in Chesapeake, VA is a 12 mile out and back course that is closed to traffic. Erika raced category 4 and placed 4th & Leslie raced in the 40+ category. Everyone was sad that the accompanying crit at Langly Speedway was cancelled this year. Thanks to the promoters making races happen this year, it appears to be a challenge and we really appreciate your effort!

Stay Tuned:  next report posted will be from Sunday races this weekend: Battenkill, Harris-Roubaix, and Camp Hilbert. 

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