Saturday, April 23, 2011

Training Off the Bike

Training off the bike at In Motion Sports Performance
The experts at In Motion know what it takes to keep athletes strong and healthy, and anyone who races knows that staying healthy is a huge part of a successful race season. That's why when it was time to start some off-the-bike at In Motion I knew I could trust the trainers to add strength without the risk of injury. What I didn't realize is that I would also be gaining flexibility and muscle groups. 
At In Motion all the staff have very up-to-date knowledge, excellent credentials, and it showed immediately. In my first training session we started with a really effective and efficient warm-up using bands before doing several active stretches. Next up was some plyometric work for my legs which involved both jumping and balancing. We finished with a circuit of strength training that worked opposing muscle groups to focus on strength while still keeping  it active enough to make me out of breath. The circuit included core work, which is easy to neglect during the race season. 
One thing I noticed during the workout was that my hamstrings were extremely weak compared to my quads, I guess that's typical for a cyclist who hates running. What I noticed during the week after my training was that my knees felt great, no nagging aches and pains that I often have after lifting hard. Immediately after the workout the trainer gave me a choice of protein bar or drink, perfect. Showered on site and then off to work, a very nice way to start my day!

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