Monday, May 2, 2011

Speed week, short report

Julie and Erin are down south for speedweek, part of the USA Crits series that boasts impressive women's and men's pro fields and fast races fueled by notoriously fun races and big prize money. Here is a short report on the races so far.

Athens Twilight- Downtown race with 4 corners, 1 lap is only 1k and the race is 40 laps. Brutally fast race with multiple crashes. The biggest news I can report on Julie and Erin is that they stayed safe and avoided the chaos. The race ended in a group sprint and Colavita's Cliff-Ryan won the race (her second year in a row).

Roswell Criterium- A 60 minute race with 5 corners in Roswell, GA. Towards the end of the race Erin was feeling good and went to the front to see what she could do. With 6 laps to go Erin went with Jen R (Kenda) and Elizabeth Morse-Hill (Z-Motion) to try and bridge to a solo break that was up the road. It was a good hard effort that did not work out, because she was caught before the end of the race. Both Julie and Erin finished the race safe and are looking forward to the next race, Beaufort Crit, on Tuesday.

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