Tuesday, June 28, 2011

In Motion, strength and rehab

Sports Performance Training Blog by Emily Joyner

One awesome thing about In Motion, that I realized after my crash at BikeJam, is that they are experts in physical therapy and sports performance, kind of obvious, but since the wreck and my nagging back pain I was a little nervous about returning to training. Having experts in both therapy and sports performance has put my mind at ease and after two sessions my back actually feels a lot stronger...and my sprint feels like it might be making a comeback!

Emily working hard at In Motion

While the exercises vary from session to session the format stays the same: warm-up using bands and active stretching, plyometric exercises, strength circuit, and finishing up with a core circuit. Today we focused a lot on lateral movements, which as a cyclist I tend to neglect, but seem to help me feel stronger overall. In the final part of the training session we always work core strength, which I used to feel was something I was good at, but in the three weeks after my crash it has really turned into a weakness. I know that strengthening my core will help my back to heal properly, and I am very glad I have professionals helping me with my cycling goals in mind.

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