Sunday, July 31, 2011

PA State Championship and Chamois Cream

PA State Road Race Championship
Great course, great weather. The course is 48 miles for the women on a challenging 12 mile loop that is located in rural Berks County in eastern PA. Patty was at the race representing team VA Asset Group by herself, she got into a quick break that got pulled back and then spent some time chasing a solo break. In the end it would be a group sprint for the women who were still in the peleton, at this point 12 -15 riders. Patty did an awesome job in the sprint and took 2nd place, even with some confusion about where the finish line actually was. Nice work Patty! 

Chamois Talk
This week our team sat down to talk (over some coffee, of course) about chamois cream, and here is what our riders had to say about the topic:

Amanda- "it took me 5 years of racing to figure out where i'm supposed to apply chamois cream... now i just can't get enough!!!"

Tiffany- "Chamois cream is crucial for pregnant riders too, all that extra junk in the trunk needs some serious tlc."

Julie H.- "I started using Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream earlier this year when I became involved with the team, and I’ve never looked back. With its shea butter base, this cream has a great consistency and makes rides much more comfortable."

Leslie- "Udderly Smooth is so smooth and silky. It almost makes me wish I were a cow!"

Emily- "Even on the long hot rides Udderly Smooth goes the distance and makes me one happy cyclist "

Erika- "Udderly Smooth chamois cream with shea butter saves my behind every ride. Can't climb into the saddle without it!"

Erin- "I've even started wearing it when I'm not riding my bike..."

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See you at Page Valley and Crossroads Cycling Classic next weekend!

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