Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chesapeake, Millersburg, & PLT

Report by Emily Joyner with text message assists from Erin and Ava

Chesapeake Crit is a flat course with three corners just under a mile long. This year I made the age requirement, because they only offered the age-grade option for women, and since I have always enjoyed the course I was excited about the race.

Emily at Chesapeake Crit, photo by BJ Samuel
With the flat course and small numbers the pace was predictably slow with very hard attacks every now and then. Ali (VBVK) was able to get off by herself after one hard attack and gained about 15 seconds on the group for several laps. After the group began to work together she was pulled back. After that, other attacks were launched but nothing stuck for more than half a lap. I am happy to say I got a nice prime that loosened up my legs about half way through the race, and even happier to report that we were all together at the end of the race. With one lap to go Ali attacked again, I got on her wheel and her teammate Jen got on my wheel. The three of us had a gap on the rest of the group and Ali kept her fast pace without letting up all the way around through the last corner. I jumped hard with Jen on my wheel for a long sprint, I managed to push a hard enough gear to stay in front through the line. My first win at Chesapeake Crit, and my first age-grade title.

Tour de Millersburg Stage Race is three races in two days: time trial, crit, and road race. Erin and Amanda travelled to Pennsylvania for the weekend to compete in a competitive women's field with some fun racing. The time trial was 10 miles total with an out-and-back course, Amanda described the race a nice river ride. In the tt Erin placed 5th and Amanda placed 15th. The criterium was later the same day, it was full of attacks and maintained a solid pace, although none of the breaks stuck. Amanda led Erin out for the sprint on the last lap and Erin took off from the top of the hill at the last turn for a wicked long sprint. Erin was out in front most of the way but got nipped at the line by a Kenda rider for a 2nd place finish in the crit. The road race was on Sunday, Erin and Amanda had a good time riding and racing together. Erin finished in 9th place at the road race for a spot on the GC podium with 3rd overall!

Ava looking fast, photo by Dan Gibson

PLT Time Trial is a 23 mile flat course shaped like a lollipop. The PLT TT is run several times throughout the summer and this was Avanell's second time at the PLT this year. This time around the wind was kicking and the rain was falling, but Ava's time was still close to the PR the got earlier this summer. Great race Ava!

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