Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shamrock Crit and Williamsburg RR

Shamrock Criterium-
Thanks to everyone who came out and raced, watched, or sponsored the race, it was a great day thanks for your support!

Julie K stringing it out in the first lap
The women's race, went something like this... Julie K. started from the gun pushing a good pace and stringing out the pack. After a few laps Kelly (unattached) attacked and got a small gap, taking Julie K, Ali (Velocita), and Francis (SynFit) with her up the road. The reaction from the pack was just a bit too slow and after the chase really started it was too late. The break stuck, attacked each other a few times, then settled in for the sprint. Kelly jumped first just before the 3rd turn, about 400 meters away from the line. She got a gap and held it for the win. Julie reacted immediately but could not quite get on Kelly's wheel so she ended up pulling up the other two women through the corners chasing before everyone kicked it in before the line. SynFit came around at the line, and Julie held on to 3rd. 
Amanda W and the pack after the break of 4 got away
Back in the pack, several more attacks happend with the last resulting in Amanda W. off the front by herself, and she came in 5th. With plenty of people still in the pack, the sprint was well contested, and Leslie showed her skill and strength taking the sprint.

Other really cool things about the race for our team: Jaime raced her first race ever in a tough open field, Morgan finished first for the category 4 racers in her second crit ever, Amanda won a prime and got some bicycle ear rings, and the whole team worked well together for the first race of the season.

Williamsburg Road Race
1, 2, 3 Women- Julie got away in the first lap and stayed away, gaining on her lead every lap until she soloed in for the victory. Amanda attacked later and took Jen (Velocita) with her up the road for second and third respectively. Sarah won the field sprint (4th) with Ava coming in next (5th). Lot's of great team work  during the race which paid off in a great 1,2,4,5 finish for the team.   
3, 4, and Collegiate Women- Morgan represented the team in this race and managed to stay out of trouble in a pretty sketchy pelleton. No breaks got away, so she got into position for the field sprint and came in 4th overall, 2nd for category 4 women! Great race, Morgan!

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