Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Six reasons you should be in Roanoke this weekend.

There are not a lot of races in Virginia like Roanoke Twilight. If you have a bike and you like to race you should be in Roanoke this weekend, here's why:

  1. The course is challenging and fun, with enough corners to make it interesting, but not scary, because they are fast fun lines.
  2. The competition will be good, I promise. There are already enough serious women signed up to keep things interesting.
  3. The prize purse- $1,000.00/ 10 ways. So it's worth your trip, even if you can't pull off the big W.
  4. Enjoy the crowds- The downtown Roanoke scene is fantastic. Many of the spectators are not cyclists, but come out to watch the entertainment, and so it has a great pro-race feel with the crowd. 
  5. Support a great race (with good prizes for women) and show promotors how exciting women's racing can be.
  6. Only one hotel night- Since the race on Saturday is not until the evening, and there is also a race on Sunday, you get a double race weekend without leaving Friday!
 Sign up now, the Roanoke weekend is worth the drive!

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