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Franklin Omnium Race Report

Franklin Omnium Race Report
by Amanda E.

Amanda at the crit, photo by Scott Wood

Time Trial
The omnium began with a quick 10-mile out and back time trial.  The course began in downtown Franklin but then turned right out of town and up a false flat followed by a few rollers before turning around.  I felt off from the start either because I didn’t keep spinning around before my start or it had something to do with that deceiving false flat.  Either way, within a few minutes, I was able into a rhythm and tried my best to push my pace as much as I could up the hills and then recover on the downhill (A tip I learned from the Celerity boys).  I placed third in the Time Trial and, therefore, was sitting third in the omnium.  Both Ali Ingram (Velocita) and Jen Pope (Velocita) put in stellar performances and came in 1st and 2nd respectively.

Julie and Mallory, photo by BJ Samuel
After the time trial it was time to relax and prep for the criterium.  And by prep I mean eat, drink, and nap in Dan Netzer’s (Celetrity Cycling) race hammock.  While I was “prepping”, Julie K. was on her way to the crit and saved an abandoned beagle from the side of the road.  The poor thing was covered in fleas, had ear mites, and was emaciated.  While racing the Netzer family fed and bathed “Stinky” so that she wasn’t so stinky.  By the end of the weekend Julie K. found Stinky a home with Gus Grissom.  Thanks, Gus!!

Mallory, photo by BJ Samuel
In-between finding Stinky a home we raced in downtown Franklin.  The course had six turns with one uphill, followed by a slight uphill into a fast downhill into a right turn.  From the beginning Julie K. would attack and either Mallory or I would counter.  Then after a few attempts, I countered and was able to get away with Ali Ingram (Velocita) and Kelly Bethony (Syn Fit).   It was a fantastic break to be in.  Early on we established our rotations and stuck to them, which was great since we still had 22 laps to suffer through.  Much to the displeasure of Joe Jefferson, who was trying to add some excitement to the race for the spectators, we even agreed to ignore the premes, keep the rotation smooth across the start/finish and split the premes at the end of the day.
Amanda working hard inthe crit, photo by Scott Wood
Meanwhile, Julie K. was doing an awesome job of covering and countering attacks in the field, ensuring that the break stayed away.  Finally, the last lapped rolled around and we all kept our rotations until the last little uphill kicker, where Ali attacked us.  I followed right after her, but there was no way I could get around her on the downhill and she made the final turn to start her sprint and take the win.  I came in second and Kelly came in third.  Julie K. came in second for the field sprint and Mallory came in second for the Cat 3’s! 

Road Race
The Road Race was on Sunday a few miles outside of downtown Franklin.  The course was a 14-mile loop mostly flat but a few rollers here and there.  It was extremely hot and there were a few sections where the wind was pretty tough.  The road race was shortened from 56 miles to 42 due to the heat, which meant we only had three laps to do.  After the crit, I was sitting second overall in the omnium, so the goal was to keep that position or move up into first if possible.  The first lap of the race was uneventful but then at the beginning of the second lap Julie K. attacked and that’s when things started to get interesting.  For several miles there were attacks/counter-attacks but nothing was getting away.  After a while we all settled back down to recover and wait for the next move. 

Then, about a quarter of the way into the third lap, Jen P. (Velocita) attacked.  I jumped after her and Kelly Bethony (Syn Fit) followed behind me.   We got a great gap on the field and each of us buried our heads and charged along.  I’ve never been in a break in a road race and thought it was pretty cool when the motor ref would come along side us and tell us the time gap.  I especially liked it when he said “50 seconds!”  I wasn’t a big fan when it started to dwindle to “30 seconds!”  We worked extremely well with each other and we were able to stay away to the line, of course with the help of Julie K. and the women of the other teams represented.  When we got to the final stretch Jen P. jumped and I grabbed her wheel but hesitated to start my sprint and missed the win by about a wheel.
With the help of Julie K. I was able to secure 2nd in the Omnium with Ali Ingram (Velocita) taking first and Jen Pope (Velocita) taking third.  It was a super fun weekend and big thanks to Celerity Cycling, Velocita, Tri Power Cycling, and the city of Franklin for putting on a great race!

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