Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In Motion Workout of the Week

Training with Tradewinds by Morgan

Whew! Another workout done at In Motion Sports Performance! After the first cross race of my season and the first VACX race of the year yesterday I was already a little sore when I arrived! The workout began with the dynamic exercises I learned last week during my first session; the dynamic nature of these exercises actually helped to stretch out and open up the joints that were sore and I felt about as good as new by the time we started our actual workout. 
The workout today was very similar to last weeks but being my second week I was able to move through the exercises with more independence and ease. Our first little circuit consisted of plyo jumps. I can really see how these exercises will directly relate to my one the bike training as we are focusing on that explosive "jump" during these drills. We then moved into our individual weight routines; mine consisting of bench presses, RDLs, lat pulls and lunges.
I increased my weights from last week and felt smooth and strong throughout the circuits! After a short breather we moved into our core exercises; front planks, side planks, glute bridge marches, russian twists with medicine balls and ending with this crazy move where we get to throw our medicine ball at the wall...talk about a great stress reducer! Alright, off to refuel!

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