Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing Team Founder and Rider...Emily Joyner

As we head into our 2013 Road Season we thought we should introduce ourselves! Over the next few days and weeks we will try to highlight each of our riders through a Q/A style interview. 
First up, Emily Joyner, the founder of Tradewinds Racing and a resident of Virginia Beach, VA!  
Emily Joyner enjoys a surprise warm winter day outside getting ready for the 2013 season with baby Aubree !

How long have you been riding/racing bikes? 
I started racing bikes after college (2004) when I heard about the amphitheater crits in Virginia 
Beach on Tuesday nights and I started showing up and having some fun.

What is your favorite cycling discipline (road, mtn, cross, bmx, etc)?

     Hands down road!

During road season, what is your favorite type of race? Do you live for crits, road races, time trials?

      love crits and I like road races (especially those without center-line rules)

 What do you feel is your biggest strength as a cyclist? Are you a sprinter, good technical rider, see yourself as a good candidate to be in the breakaways?

      I enjoy sprinting.

How long have you been on Tradewinds?

      I was one of the founders of the team back in 2010.  I founded Tradewinds with the help of Tiffany                 
      and Ava.

  What is your favorite part of being apart of the team or for the newbies what do you most look forward to as we begin this new season?

      I like being a part of such a great group of women who are focused and competitive on the bikes,    
      who like to race hard and always improve personally and as a team, and who are friendly and 
      supportive as teammates and competitors.

What do you do when you aren’t on the bike? (Job, hobbies, etc)

   I am a middle school math teacher and track coach.  I enjoy playing with my two kids, surfing and 
   helping with my youth group in my spare time.

What is your favorite food; where would we find you getting some post race grub?
    Mermaid Winery in Norfolk, VA

Where is your favorite place to ride bikes?

  I like riding anywhere the weather is warm, the cars are few, and the dogs are not chasers. My favorite 
  local rides are Pungo and Blackwater.
Emily Joyner riding strong in 2011
Do you have a favorite race; one that you look forward to all year?
 I really like the Reston Town Center Grand Prix held in June in Reston, VA.

We are so excited to have Emily back in the pack this season after the birth of her second 
child, a beautiful baby girl, this fall!   

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