Friday, February 5, 2016

Build your Skills with the Mermaid Team!!

New Women's Training Ride!!

We are super excited about Shamrock Criterium on March 12 at Redwing Park (part of the VA Cycling BAR Series), it means the start of the road racing season in Virginia  and we love to race. We are so excited that we are inviting women to come out on Sundays and ride with us from Valentines day until Shamrock Crit. We will help you build on the skills you already have and get ready for a great season of cycling.

This ride is perfect for you if you are one of the following types of rider:

  1. You know the basics of group riding (including drafting) and are comfortable riding for 1 - 1.5 hours, but want to improve your skills riding with others. 
  2. You are new to road and crit races and you need to build racing specific skills. 
  3. You are a cat 3/4 cyclist with some experience racing but want to refresh those race skills before race-day. 
When?  Sunday February  21, 28 and March 6
Time? 1:30 PM to catch that mid-day sun 
How to join? Feel free to just show up, but if you want to text and let us know you are coming we will be glad to know in advance. 757-27-9366. 
What about bad weather? If the weather looks bad we will let you know on the team's facebook page if we are riding or not, just check it before you come over! 

See you there!

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