Sunday, February 28, 2010

Like nascar, but on bikes!

It was pretty fun to be on such a cool track, racing at the Richmond International Raceway on Saturday during the women's open. In the VCA there has already been 2 races and 3 if you count wolfpack. It is still february. The weather was February weather this weekend (cold and really windy). The attacks started after a few laps and never let up, with VKVB off the front launching all of them. In the end VKVB was able to get away and go 1,2 showing their strength in the monster wind.

One last note. In all the men's divisions the races were full with over 100 riders in some fields. People came from all over, north south and everywhere else. We were expecting this to be true for the womens race as well seeing as how Richmond is in on I95. We thought there would be an invasion of MARA riders in particular who would take the quick drive down. Thanks to Artemis who supplied one rider. But that was it. Our field had a healthy 20 plus riders from the Hampton Roads and Richmond. Hopefully we will see more MABRA racers in the future. VCA has some of the strongest girls seen in a very long time this year. The competition is good, come join us!

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  1. absolutely..the more competition there is the better we all get :-)


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