Sunday, March 7, 2010

1st WIN for our new team

Snowball Crit #2 happened on a 60 degree sunny day. The day was almost identical to the first snowball crit in terms of weather. We have been blessed with these early races with good weather. The womens open field was almost the identical field of riders as the first snowball with a few extra racers thrown in. This race had many different attacks by many riders. Many primes were thrown in making for an exciting race to be in as well as watch. 3/4 of the way through Brittany from Fat Frogs got a huge gap during a prime and it got bigger and bigger as the laps were counting down. The peleton was deciding who would make the move to go after her. Eventually Vanderkitten attacked which led to a 5 person breakaway that caught Brittany with a few laps to go. With 3 laps to go Laura Cook (VK) bridged up to the breakaway group to join her teammate Ali, bringing Jen Pope with her (FF). Ali gave a fast lead out for Laura on the final lap. Emily Joyner (TWR) went around in the final 200 and barely held off Laura at the line for a photo finish. That's how Tradewinds got their first win of the season and ever as a new team. Also congrats to Jen Pope and Fat Frogs for breaking onto the podium.
Thanks to BJ Samuels for a great shot at the line:
top 5 results:
1st Emily Joyner(TWR)
2nd Laura Cook (VKVB)
3rd Jen Pope (FF)
4th Ali Ingram (VKVB)
5th Brenna Hosang (TP)

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