Monday, March 15, 2010

Attention Ladies: Top 10 Reasons to Motor Pace

What did our new women's cycling team Tradewinds Racing put on its wish list for the 2010 season?

A scooter for motorpacing, of course.

The fine folks at RK Auto have handed over a brand new 2010 Piaggio Fly 50 scooter which will be used to fine tune the fast femmes of Tradewinds Racing team.

"I would like to thank RK Auto for their support," said team manager Emily Joyner. "We will be training very hard, and the Piaggio Fly 50 will be covering ground all over southeastern Virginia in pace training. We required a reliable scooter to get the job done. The Piaggio Fly 50 fits that bill perfectly."

So, after a day of fabulous motor pacing in Pungo yesterday afternoon, here are my top 10 reasons why motor pacing rocks for female cyclists:

1. If your work & family schedule keeps you from participating in a morning group ride, the scooter is ready whenever you are. Just add driver!
2. Vehicle drivers in Virginia Beach may not respect cyclists taking up road space, but they are very respectful of motorized scooters and give you plenty of room.
3. There is so much storage for extra water bottles, snacks, that vest, arm need to carry all that weight on your bike when you have a scooter as your musette bag!
4. For new female riders, having someone you trust(coach, spouse, friend) next to you on a scooter instructing and practicing with you is great quality time. And they don't even have to be a cyclist to practice with you. Practice makes perfect!
5. Intervals make you strong, motor pacing makes you fast!
6. There is nothing better than attacking at 30+, stay out there for a minute or so, and then get back in when it comes past you again. You really find out where the bottom of your tank is. (ok, so maybe 10 seconds was more like it).
7. It's the closest thing to feeling and looking like a European cyclist. Post-ride espresso anyone?
8. For endurance riders, you can basically do a consistent, paced century ride before you need to fill up the gas tank (110-115 mpg, gas tank 1.9 gallons) - that's like $4.
9. Scooters never drop you to make themselves look good.
10. The cool factor. It's there. Scooter colors can match your bike and outfit too.

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