Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jeff Cup Women Predictions

Since I am unable to attend the women's open at Jefferson Cup (too early for a day trip, 2nd year in a row), I will share my predictions about the race based on the current start list.

From MABRA the CAWES team has 7 (out of 17 1,2's ), but missing from the start list is their stand out rider from last year, Leslie Jennings. With these numbers and thier traditionally strong team you can expect to see two riders break into the top 5.

Richmond's powerhouse Fruit 66/Artemis has 5 strong riders registered in the 1,2 category. Although the riders are very strong individually they have not yet raced as a team. I predict one rider from this team will place top 5.

Virginia Beach also has a team in the competition, VB Vanderkitten. Although the numbers are not as big the 2 riders have much experience working together, and the engines to pull off a win. My prediction is for Laura Cook to bring the Jefferson Cup to Virginia Beach. She has the best time trial around matched with the power/weight ratio to suceed in the hills (aka, she's skinny). She has already proved herself at this race (placing 2nd in 2008) and has shown herself to be fit this season with a 1st and two 2nds already this year. In addition she was picked up by the Vanderkitten national squad.

Who knows what will really happen, anything is possible in a race, but that is my prediction!

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