Sunday, June 27, 2010

First place "family" at TTT; happy anniversary!

I'm pleased to report a first place victory in the family division and second place co-ed division for "Team Russell" aka Tiffany (Tradewinds Racing) and my husband Derek (racing for brother team VB Velo)at this weekend's TTT in Smithfield. VB Wheelmen offered a fantastic course for Derek and I to celebrate our 4 yr. wedding anniversary - challenging short hills, fast straightaways, false flats, wind, heat and distance.

Cyclists play to their strengths during competition. In this case, Derek was the "strength" and my job was to (1) hang on for dear life and (2) climb like a billy goat. We all know drafting saves you 23-25% energy... except when your partner is hammering incredibly faster than you could ever sustain by yourself- you simply don't take pulls. Derek told me at mile 16 I could keep the prize money if I could just hang on. VERY effective motivation.

Congratulations to Laura and Gene for winning the co-ed division. Finishing second to the top woman time trialer in Virginia gives me hope that my fitness is improving.

Now to spend that prize money on a new bike I have on layaway...stay tuned for details!

(Photo courtesy of Kevin Horvath)

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