Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tradewinds blew into Reston!!

The long drive from VB was worth it today. This is my favorite race of the year. It has been a goal of mine to win this race since I first raced it in 08 and I am excited to have accomplished that goal. It has everything, a great course with hills, turns, speed, big crowds, announcer, nice prize list, smooth pavement and always really good competition. And oh yeah, a Ben and Jerry's right by the finish line along with a kids race for Bruce. And yes, I went straight to the ice cream shop with Bruce after my victory lap. It was really hot out ok.

It seems like there are a ton of variables in this race so anything can happen. The first half of the race was just attack after attack from various riders. About half way through the race I saw a break combination I thought would stick and briged up to it. The break was comprised of 6 of us. Our small gap was steady for a few laps until it started increasing. With ten to go it was clear we would stay away.
There were a couple of small attacks within our group but nothing was getting away at that point. With 2 laps left the 2 Kenda riders moved to the front and pushed the pace hard to control the front. Jen for Kenda pushed the pace on the bell lap with her teamate right behind and me 3rd wheel. Right before the 2nd to last corner I saw LJ out of the corner of my eye behind me start to jump so on impulse I jumped in front of her and got in front going into the 2nd to last corner, got a gap and held it through the last corner and up the finishing stretch across the line.

Emily J

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