Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bay Days Crit

A great new 4-corner crit course, featuring smooth pavement and friendly crossing gaurds, thanks to Hilton for their hard work promoting it! It is late season for me and this race ended up being the icing on the cake. I decided to race the night before, but it ended up a good decision. Since there were sepperate events for category 4, category 1,2,3, and 40+ women, the numbers in the race were small, but it proved to be competitive group.

Women's 4
Avanell had to pull some strings to get off work for the morning to race, and she was glad it worked out! After a few laps all together, Michele (Bike Stop) went early for the first prime and got a gap that sent the field chasing. Amanda (Hilton) and Avanell (Tradewinds) were able to close the gap together and the field was split. The 3 ladies increased the gap the entire race, and it came down to a close 3-way sprint for the line. Michele went early on the back side, Avanell chased, and ended up 3rd through the final corner. Showing her speed, Avanell stood up and managed to pass the other two ladies right after the corner and held it to the line in an exciting finish. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that it's her first win on the road... go Avanell!

Women 1,2,3
Our race was fast paced from the start, with Ali (VKVB) on the front pushing. After taking a quick rest Ali launched a clissic hard attack but got stuck with me in tow. After staying away for a few laps the group came back together. Jen (FF) also had several well-timed attackes that briefly split the field up, but a break was not in the cards. I sprinted for all 4 primes, and won all of them, but I don't think anyone else seemed very interested. Saving up for the final sprint? We were all together at the end when Ali tried to get away again with two to go. No luck. I jumped first for the sprint after corner 3 and sailed through wide corner 4 without loosing much speed., stood up, and held it to the line. Sally (Tripower) came in right behind me, and Ali finished 3rd.

A good day overall for the ladies of Tradewinds Racing!

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