Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chuckatuck CX

Sunny beautiful day, fun course and friends. Chuckatuck CX had a women's 1,2,3 race that started 15 seconds before the women cat 4 racers (15+ women). I have limited cross racing experience so I might not be that good at describing the course, but there was a lot of grass and many turns through the field and trees, two sets of barriers, and a steep run-up followed by a short switchback climb.

1,2,3 women: Jen(FF) got an early gap and held it to win the 1,2,3 race followed by Sally (Tripower), and I was 3rd. Tradewinds' newest team rider, Leslie Winters, finished in 5th.

cat 4 women: Another nice size field for the cat 4 women. The first few laps three leaders pulled ahead of the rest of the pack and proceeded to swap gaps through various sections of the course. Eventually Brittany (FF) pulled ahead and took the first place spot, Valerie (OBX) got 2nd and Avanell (TWR) was 3rd.

Super fun race, thanks for All About Bikes for the good time!

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