Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bennett's Creek CX

60's and sunny. A great start to the day and it only got better. The course was fun and the company excellent. The Suffolk CX race had a good turn out, with 20 or so women in the cat 4 race ready to get their feet muddy.

Category 1,2,3 Women
In the cat 1,2,3 race the top 2 women, Jen P. (FF) and Sally M. (Tripower) got their gaps in the first lap and held it to the end. 3rd place was more of a struggle and changed several times throughout the 45 minute race. I (Emily) had a pretty slow first lap and struggled to close the gaps for the rest of the race. The other women pulled away through the woods, tight turns, and mud while I pushed hard in the grass to catch back up. This went on back and forth for a few laps until it finally seemed like I was close enough to re
ally catch up. With a few laps to go I got into the 3rd place and held it. Very close behind were Liz S (Tripower) in 4th, and Leslie (TWR) in 5th.

Category 4 Women
The start of the category 4 women's race was pretty crowded, with everyone trying to get to the front before the woods and turns. TWR's Ava got to the mud in about 10th and went outside and around, taking a great line and pushing up to the front through the barriers & run up. Ava showed off her skills through the woods and tight turns, and kept the push through the long road and grass straights. Ava quickly caught up to the 1,2,3 race that started a few minutes ahead. 2nd and 3rd also caught the back of the
1,2,3 race, Brittany M (FF) & Valarie N. (OBX).

Thanks as always to the promoters for such a great race. We are happy to support you! (photo of Ava from Tami Cole's album)

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