Monday, November 29, 2010

Virginia State Champ CX

Thanks to Tripower for another great race. I was especially excited about the coupons to Skinny Dip they gave away to participants, although maybe this is why I had trouble on the hill...

The new VA womens 1,2,3 state champion is Deidre Winfield. She got a gap early and it grew throughout the race. The rest of the race was similarly spread out, and after 3 laps the race was decided. Julie K (Fruit 66) took second, and Jen P (FF) came in third. About as exciting to watch as a time trial, but the very talented Deidre did put on a good show of how fast women's cx can be. (photo by Alyssa Beda, please note the pain in my face at the top of this hill)

The category 4 women's race was where the real action was Sunday. It was close the entire time with three women fighting it out until the very end. Avanell (TWR) and Valarie N. (OBX) battled for the lead throughout the race with Meaghann M. (Tripower) close behind during most of the half hour race. The brutal grassy hills wore people out and on the last lap Meaghann came from behind to take the win in the sprint. Valarie placed second and Avanell placed 3rd. (photo by BJ Samuel, Ava gaining ground through the only set of barriers in the race)

We are so proud of Ava and look forward to hear her report from Charlottesville in the last VA cross race of the season this coming Saturday.

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