Monday, May 30, 2011

Somerville Report

Although it was not on the official NRC calendar this year Somerville maintained a top-level of racing for the women's pro 1,2 criterium. The race was stacked with team Colavita as well as most of the top sprinters who race the NRC calendar regionally, including the world champion (Colavita).

Erin managed a place in the front row and stayed in great position the entire race. A few laps in, Rush-lee and Kacey Manderfield moved up the road a little on a prime lap so Erin bridged up and then attacked them to keep the momentum going, plus the prime was for $200. Just around turn 3 Erin was caught by the field and sat 3rd wheel down the home stretch. As the field slowed again, Erin launched off the front from the end of the homestretch and got a significant gap.It looked as if she had sealed the deal on the $200 prine when, a yard from the line, Ms. World Champion comes outta nowhere to snag the prime and keep rolling. Erin jumped on her wheel but she eased up and wasn't interested as the field was right there.

A few laps later, Cath Cheatley attacks after turn one and Erin jumped to take her wheel hoping she'd keep rolling. Nope. A few more laps go by and same thing happens only after Cath stops pedaling, Rush-Lee, who was on Erin's wheel, attacks and Erin jumps on the wheel again. This happed two more times before the end of the race. It was not a surprise that Colavita was going to dictate the race since they were the only full squad with numbers.

As it closed in on the last two laps, people start getting squirmy. After missing a couple near crashes and with one lap to go, Erin puts herself in the Colavita train--fighting TCR for LVG's wheel. Erin ended up sitting 6th wheel going into the final turn, after playing ping-pong in another near-crash she followed wheels as each colavita girl pulled off. As the line approached, no one was swarming and the few non-colavita sprinters who were in front of were smoked. Erin sprinted and managed to secure 7th on the line.

Next up for the Elite team: Liberty Classic good luck ladies!!

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