Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bike Jam, the legacy lives on

full results for womens 1,2,3
Race report by Emily Joyner

The legacy is of course that there will be blood spilled in the women's race, literally (there  was a big red stain on  the course from the first wreck). I have been to Bike Jam several times and have managed in the past to make it out unscathed, third time is the charm and I did go down in the second of two 6-rider pile ups, which both oddly took place on a straight section of the road for no apparent reason. Thankfully, my bike and I were well enough to finish the race and my new helmet still looks new!

Erin rode off the front at the start of the race in a good solo break-away effort and stayed off for several laps. After that it was a lot of short-lived attacks due to quick reactions from the peleton. Erin got one of the merchandise primes, and I tried for one after my getting off the pavement, but found it was a bit more difficult to sprint post-crash. Last lap, Erin went hard after the s-turn and pushed it, staying out in front up the hill, just before the line she was passed and ended up 7th overall. Julie K. got placed 12th, and I finished up 15th. Wishing quick recovery to all the other riders who went down.

Next up, Somerville on Monday.

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