Monday, May 23, 2011

Wilmington GP

Erin in the mix, photo from Cycling News
Team Virginia Asset Group p/b Artemis/Trek was excited about this race. Why? A really fun course with fast turns and punchy short up hills, tough competition, and of course enjoying the company of great teammates.

Race report: Over 50 elite riders were on the start list ready to fight for this NRC event. Colavita had the biggest team at the race and showed their strength by riding aggressively and sending attacks up the road consistently. Tibco had several riders and worked hard to keep Colavita from getting away, with the help of several other riders with smaller teams including Virginia Asset Group via Erin and Patty who held positions at the front of the peleton for the entire race. Erin got into a break of five that looked strong towards the end of the race, but it was pulled back. In the end, Kristen Sanders (Colavita) countered and got away with 4 laps to go and held her gap for the win. The rest of the field was ready to sprint and pushed their way into position on the last lap. Laura Van Guilder took the sprint for 2nd place overall, Edita J (Colavita) placed 3rd.

Team Results
Time Trial Friday- Pouring rain and a technical course with lots of turns and steep cobbled hill to finish on, what's not to love? Patty was the only one who made it there on time, but she made us all proud with a 5th place finish!!

Grand Prix Saturday- Julie had a great start and was holding a good position, but unfortunately her chain dropped during the race and that is not the sort of mechanical problem that qualifies for a free lap. Emily had a bad start and fought the yo-yo in the back until she finished in the back. Erin and Patty did a great job the entire race and really rode strong and with good position, sadly the near-wreck in corner 7 on the last lap pushed things around a bit and positions changed, but in the end both had a solid finish with Erin 21st and Patty 23rd. Special thanks to our cheering section (Amanda, Leslie, Greg, Steve and Bruce) & to Leslie and David for their hospitality the night before the race!

This weekend
Looking forward to lots of teammates at BikeJam, some fast seriously fast racing at Somerville & some killer hills in Killington.

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