Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crystal City Report

Photo by Jon Devich from, Erin is on the far right
Race Report by Erin Silliman

Today started out with numerous attacks from Colavita with Tibco following. The race usually had one rider from both Tibco and Colavita dangling off the front by 5-10 seconds the entire race but that duo changed every few laps after smaller teams went after it. After Patty and I spent enough energy in the beginning of the race trying to make something work, I realized I needed to sit back in the field and trust a sprint. 

With 3 to go, I considered jumping again b/c I would have been mad if a break stuck to the finish but both colavita and tibco decided that they were ready set up a field sprint. In the last lap I positioned myself well but really got a great spot before the last turn (which left a wicked long drag to the finish). 

I positioned myself smack in the middle of the two trains that were side-by-side, first I was on Kacey Manderfields wheel, then I bumped over to Kelly Benjamin's wheel and enjoyed the gust of the field just propelling me to the finish line. Unfortunately two riders bobbled and I had to hit my breaks and swung wide to avoid crashing. 

I ended up a wheel length behind Kelly and millimeters behind the next 5 people putting me in 11th. It was so close to a great finish. Patty ended up 15th and for the day and I ended up 11th in the weekend points omnium. 

Where will we be next weekend? Glad you asked, Tour of Washington County Stage Race, hope to see you there! 

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