Friday, June 17, 2011

New pair of shoes! Bontrager RXL Road WSD

Bontrager RXL Road WSD
Why I love this shoe... gear review by Emily Joyner

When I rolled up to my very first group ride with the high hopes of one day racing my bike I was not even wearing cycling shoes. When I started racing it was in a hand-me-down pair of triathelon shoes that were a half-size too small. Along the way I tried to save my money for travel and entry fees rather than new gear. And although my finances are only somewhat improved, my attitude about gear has certainly changed, and this shoe is the perfect example why!

Good gear not only helps race results because it performes better, but also because it makes you want to ride more, and especially enjoying riding longer distances. These shoes go the extra mile because they do not pinch or rub or make my toes fall asleep on long rides, but they stay snug enough to feel efficient when peddling. Of course they are light due to the high-quality carbon soles and ventilated uppers, which is obviously important, but another cool thing about these shoes is on the inside. The footbed can be totally custom using esoles , making the fit really yours.

For me this shoe has opened up the road and allowed me to stay on the bike for longer since my feet are comfortable. I had no idea until I tried them just what a difference they would make, but for me it was huge! I am not sure how much of the comfort is due to the women specific design, but they really do fit my foot better than the men's shoes I have worn in the past. If your feet are not already happy while riding, and you are looking for a pair to try on, check this shoe out at BikeBeat!

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