Saturday, September 24, 2011

sausage legs, or the lack thereof

Uniform (i.e.: kit) Deal-Breakers  

  1. Tight leg-elastic (aka "sausage leg"): I have been known to cut, hem, sew, and otherwise alter my shorts to make them resemble less of a tourniquet. Even my skinniest climber teammates have experienced the tight elastic fit in the thighs that seem to ruin most team issue shorts. 
  2. The Chammois: although chammois cream does help, you just can't very comfy on a bike with a bad chamois. 
  3. Materials: quality of the material is my other big concern, not only because of comfort on rides, but also because there is almost nothing worse than riding in a pace line with someone who has a see- through panel on their backside. 
How Stralight Apparel Kits Compare
Starlight shorts are amazing to ride in & the jersey is super comfy. Easily my new favorite shorts, with or without a team logo. The icing on the cake is the quality of materials & construction allows for a really good looking design.

1) The Shorts: Very impressive fit! It was like someone who rides actually had input into the design! The legs do not cut off my circulation & the design of the bib allows a lot more air flow to cool my sides and back, I actually felt as cool riding in the Starlight bibs as I did in regular shorts. After riding in the Starlight bib shorts a few times I was very pleased with the chamois, nice and comfy but not over padded. Love it!  

2) The Jersey: Well fitted, nice and snug without being tight (I have the race fit), and really comfortable to wear. The jersey has a full zip front zipper that is small enough to keep from bulging akwardly like others I have raced in. Love it!

3) The Materials: They feel nice, they look great, and they keep you comfortable on a long ride. They are not limited in design by the way they are pieced together, either, so your design can look pro. Starlight offers the best design options I have seen for a competitive price, check out their work to see what I mean. 

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