Saturday, October 15, 2011

Supplements, more than just sugar and electrolytes!

Cycling is a demanding sport on the body, so if you want to be your best your nutrition must be the best.

The quality of our blood greatly affects our endurance. We know we need good quality meats, grains, vegetables and fruits to perform well. There are now some great nutritional companies out there, and extra supplements on top of your good diet that will increase your performance. When on the bike riding for hours the easy to use powders, pills, gels or bars are great.

Champion Nutrition provides the best pre-ride, during-the-ride, and post-ride supplements. Just look on the ingredients list and you see the quality is superior. For example Champion uses real food for carbs, like waxy corn maize, instead of just inexpensive carbs like maltodextrin. In addition to the high quality, the tast is also delicious, which is important if you want to actually use the supplement!

A few products standout as must-haves for cyclists...

Revenge Sport is the best tasting hydration drink around with all the ingredients you need during your ride. Our whole team loves it and cannot get enough, especially in the summer. It doesn't have stimulants so you can drink it at any time to stay hydrated.

Muscle Nitro comes in a pill for the pre-ride and provides electrolytes and phosphates to increase your performance on the bike.

Pure Whey Protein, awesome protein and really yummy selection of flavors. Whey protein is the most digestible form of protein that exists and is part of my post workout to help the muscles recover. Cookies and Cream is my favorite flavor.

There also are many others products that help. As a sprinter I really try to hold onto as much muscle as I can during the season. On long rides your body actually eats its own muscles for energy. There are amino acid powders I add to my drink so my muscles don’t get eaten as much. Other products like creatine may provide extra power and repeatability, but if you race in the hills the extra few pounds it puts on may negate any performance enhancing effect. If you lift weights at all in the off season Champion Nutrition also provides energy drinks with stimulants to help you lift harder and stay motivated to lift those heavy weights.

Want to try it? Look for our team at the races to get a scoop or buy some online!

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