Monday, April 2, 2012

Jefferson Cup RR

Women's 1,2,3 race report by Avanell
We had a strong showing for Tradewinds, 6 total representing the team. There were also strong showings from ABRT, and Velocita.

The first lap was slow, everybody waiting to see who would take control and who planned on attacking. The attacks and counter attacks started on the 2nd lap with ABRT tiring of the slow pace. Immediately we responded with several counter attacks. Between Sarah F, Julie K, Amanda W, and Patty B, there were few opportunities to recover. Lyndsay (XO Communications), Kelly Fisher-Goodwin (Velocita), along with a few others were not interested in letting anything go. After an attack from Kelly (Velocita), I threw in a (one) counter attack towards the end of the 2nd lap. Ali (Velocita) had a couple of attacks. Amanda E chased down a couple of attacks, a big effort on one coming from Lyndsay (XO) after the hill on the 3rd lap.

We were neutralized on the 4th lap right before the big hill to allow the Cat 4s and 50+ to go through. After 7 minutes of being stopped, most people were expecting a slight cool down, but ABRT attacked once we started climbing. Another set of attacks and coming from our girls and a few others, but nobody broke away for good.
Unfortunately we could not get organized for the sprint and Kelly (Velocita) came away with the win. Lyndsay (XO) followed her closely for 2nd, Ainoha (NCVC?) in 3rd and our own Patty B. taking 4th.
Women's 4 race
from Morgan: "Well Julie was riding really strong the first lap. We both ended up stuck on the front for bits of time... I think Jamie was in the middle of pack for all of the first lap. The highlight of the race for me was on the end of the second lap I was stuck in front and decided if no one was gonna let me off if just slow the ride down and eat/hydrate and this girl behind me is breathing hard and dyin' and when we passed the 200m mark she takes off around me like a bat out of somewhere and continues to sprint over the line. Then realizes we have another lap left once we all mosey back up to her and her victory dance and proceeded to get dropped in a hurry afterwards ;)"
-Morgan did get in a break of 7 and place 4th overall, great job Morgan!

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