Monday, May 21, 2012

Race report- Wilmington and SPCR

Wilmington Grand Prix
by Emily who was not there,  as told to her though a series of text messages...
Debbie Dust out in front
Leslie Winters right in the thick of it
The time trial on Friday was won by Patty! The grand prix was a part of the National Criterium Calendar (NCC) and so was well attended by pro's and top elite riders. We proudly had a full team (the max is 6 riders per team) attend and race. Debbie made a big first impression giving the crowd a good look at our jersey while she spent the first three laps out in front solo. After the pack pulled her back our riders fought for good position and reacted to the other attacks. VA native Rachel Warner (FCS Rouse) and another rider had a good break on the field with as much as 45 seconds gap that looked promising towards the end of the race. Lenore Pipes (RideClean) put in much of the effort to pull that attempt back and force a sprint for her teammate Erika Allar. The break was pulled back with about 3 laps to go and another Virginia rider Lindsay Bayer (XO) took the opportunity to make her move and attacked the field. This attack proved to be the winning move. The rest of the field fought for possition and set up for a sprint. The sprinters rounded off the podium with VanGuilder (Mellow Mushroom) in second, Allar (RideClean) taking third. Our riders placed well, with Patty 13th, Debbie 14th, Amanda W. 18th and Julie 26th. Amanda E. completed her first NCC race showing confidence and skill!

Stony Point Circuit Race
by Avanell
Considering there were a couple big races up north, the turnout for the Stony Point Circuit was pretty decent.  Morgan pushed the pace high from the start, with Mallory, Julie Hunter, and myself falling in behind.  After pulling the pack around the first lap, she pulled off and the pace slowed down just enough for me to get an attack off at the end of a false flat and into a left hand round about.  On the other side of the fast sweeping descent, there was another short steep (ish) climb that leveled into another false flat.  Knowing I couldn't hold the break for 14 more laps, I sat up a bit when I saw I was being chased.  Joanna (RCV) had bridged and was followed by Morgan, and Alena (VCU) bridged and was followed by Julie H.  The 5 of us pushed on, alternating pulls, and steadily increasing our lead until we lapped the field with only a few laps to go.  On the last lap Morgan pulled double duty on the lead out, pulling through on the long descent and up part of the hill on the back side, only to drop behind me as I pulled around the 2nd false flat on the back side, and down to the base of the final hill at the finish stretch.  Morgan pulled around me and started the difficult lead out up the short steep climb to the final left hand turn where Julie went around her for the final uphill sprint.  Julie out sprinted Joanna for 1st place, Morgan continued her sprint for 3rd, Alena came in 4th, and I slow rolled it in for 5th.  Great job to Julie for the win, and Morgan for an awesome leadout!

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