Monday, August 6, 2012

Page Valley and Bob Rodale

Page Valley Road Race
Report by Amanda W.
...It was hotter than hell - glad i had nylons full of ice in my jersey...  We started with about 20 1/2/3 racers and we stuck together for the first 6-7 miles (i sat on the front b/c i hadn't warmed up at all) but the field broke up the first time up the long hill.  As soon as soon as we crossed the finish line after the first (partial) lap we saw that our race had been cut from 52 to 40-ish miles. (honestly, that was plenty...)  After the fun descent I got a flat on the flattish section and had to chase back up to the pack, which was difficult, but I was happy to drag a few friendly faces back into the mix.  We were barely back in the pack, certainly not recovered yet, by the time we hit the long hill for the second time.  I don't believe ABRT jumped first, but an attack went up the hill with Katie, Ainhoa, Patty and Kat K.  A chase group of around 7-9 formed and absorbed Patty and Kat after a few miles of at a brutal pace.  Unfortunately the heat took its toll and Patty cramped badly.  The chase group continued to splinter and by the last lap there were only about 6-7 with Stephanie and I still in the mix.  The last time up the long hill Kat K launched an attack and Sarah with ABRT and I jumped after her.  We worked together to catch her until the last 1K.  I dropped Sarah somewhere around 500-600m to the finish line and passed Kat between 300-200m, which landed me in 3rd place. 

Bob Rodale Crit
Report by Patty
Went to the Bob Rodale crit today, across  from the track in Trexlertown. It was a 20 mile/ 20 lap fast crit with a few strong track racers who showed up. There was a good bit of hard attacking from various ladiesduring the race, but nothing stuck. It ended in a bunch sprint and I took 3rd.

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