Monday, August 13, 2012

Tour de Fair Haven and Chesapeake Crit

Tour de Fair Haven
by Patty Buerkle

Sunday morning was Tour de Fair Haven. The race was 10 laps of a 1.7 miles course in Fair Haven, NJ which has a friendly and welcoming community. There were 18 of us at the start. It was a fast, fairly flat course with a 100m hill on the back section. The first few laps were a steady pace, the next couple of laps there were a few efforts to break it up with no success, with 3 laps to go the bell was rung for a preme which stirred some action (which I won!), followed by a good attack from a VK-Focus rider, ending in Ann Marie Miller (CRCA) leading out the sprint for a lap AND taking the win. Super close finish for the first three of us and I took third. Good times! A photo of the podium. We couldn't locate 2nd place Billington(VK-Focus).

Chesapeake Crit
by Emily Joyner

photo by BJ Samuel
photo by BJ Samuel
Saturday morning I was stoked to go and watch Chesapeake Crit because it's so close to home and two of my teammates were racing, Amanda E. and Mallory. Early on in the race Ali (Velocita) attacked along the start/finish straight gaining a big gap on the field. Mallory reacted quickly and dug deep to get to Ali just before the first turn. Amanda and some of Ali's teammates got to the front and helped the break to stay away. After the break was safely away, Ali attacked and got off by herself, staying away for 1st. There were a few other attacks in the field that Amanda was able to easily cover. Mallory got back into the field and both got ready for the sprint. With 2 laps to go a $10 prime was announced, not much excitement about it until the field was about 100 meters away when someone decided to jump for it. The jump spurred some reactions and wheels were crossed, Amanda and another rider went down (bikes were ok and bodies were bruised), hopefully a quick recovery to them both, not a fun way to end the race. They got off the course quickly and the field came around with Jen taking the sprint, Mallory sprinted in for 5th overall.

Next Races...
Chris Thater Criterium in NY & Green Mountain Stage Race in VT!!

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