Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jamestown Cross 2013

Jamestown Cross 2013: Race #1 in VACX Series

By: Avanell Schmitz

Ava with the hole shot
Photo Credit: Dulcey Lloyd

I, unfortunately, did not make it up to Nittany with Julie to see her awesome 6th place performance so Jamestown CX was the first race on my cross calendar this year.  The week leading up to the first race of the season is always the most nerve racking, and regardless of how many years I've been racing, I can never shake those first race jitters.  Thank goodness they're out of the way!

The course was great.  Everything you expect in a cross course: grass, gravel, road, a few technical spots, and a few power spots.  Only thing we were missing is mud and snow.  But the weather was perfect in the upper seventies with a few clouds in the sky.

Julie on the hill run-up
Photo Credit: Dulcey Lloyd

There were five women at the start for the Women's 1/2/3 field and we were off sprinting for position as soon as the whistle blew.  I got the hole shot into the first 180 with Julie on my wheel.  One of the technical features was a telephone pole - or something that size - laying across the course, which some gals rode and some ran (for those who have heard, this was the same feature that I miss-timed my attempt to bunny hop at speed during warm-up and had a pretty epic crash).  

Julie and I came out side by side on the road section on the backside of the course, down the gravel fire road that led into the hill run-up.  The hill itself could have been ride-able for most, except it had a fairly large log at the base that was only ride-able for a couple.  Coming out of the hill and onto the front side of the course, Julie pulled ahead where she would stay the remainder of the race.

I had a little gap securing my 2nd place finish, and Sally (TriPower) and Jen (Rogue Velo) had a hard fought battle to the end with Sally pulling through to round out the podium.  Yes its a one lap report because I was pretty much by myself after the first lap!
Julie and Ava take the top two spots
on the Podium at Jamestown CX!
Photo Credit: Celerity Cycling

The first race of the cross season couldn't have turned out any better.  The team took the top two podium spots, the weather was perfect, and there was pumpkin pie!!!

Thanks to Celerity and JRVS, and a big thanks to Anthony Bream (Celerity) for the hard effort that was put in to make the first VACX race a success!  And for those who are curious, my new Trek Crockett is pretty awesome!

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